Goodbye to the legendary Pizza saddle

Yes, it’s true. The pizza saddle is history. It’s gone, spending its days chilling on top of the desk inside of the garage until there’s a new purpose for it.

It was a necessary change, although it really had a chance, a good chance, maybe even more than one chance, because I’ve always been a die-hard fan of it. I first saw it somewhere on the internet, five years ago maybe, and instantly decided I had to own it. I mean, it’s a pizza saddle, how much cooler can a saddle possibly look? Yeah, it’s not possible…

I felt confirmed, when I saw the saddle in real life mounted on the old bmx of mine. That really was a classy combination, style for miles … unfortunately contrary to my bmx skills …

The pizza saddle went into its first retirement, when I realised, that I didn’t had what it takes to be anything near good on a bmx. I bought my first roadbike and the pizza saddle spent its days covered in dust leaning against the wall inside of the garage.

A few months ago the saddle was reactivated, dusted off, cleaned and brought back to life, when I started to customize my everyday roadbike ( if you “missed” the story, there’s a chance for you to catch up with it right here and here ).

The saddle still looked classy, upgraded the roadbike from the first moment on and I instantly knew why I decided to buy it a few years ago.

Then I rode more than 25 km on the customized roadbike. That was the exact moment I learned the reason, why you shouldn’t ride a saddle, even a pizza saddle, that is mounted with one huge screw right down through the middle of the saddle into the seat post on a roadbike. It was a painful lesson, but I learned from this mistake …

This blogpost is dedicated to the one and only pizza saddle. Its freshness and style will always be remembered. I’m sure there will be a next purpose for the classiest saddle in the game soon…



  1. You could probably find someone who makes custom saddle covers to make you a new pizza! Like Busyman (Google Busyman saddle), only more kitschy!

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