2023 : What happened so far…

Is it too late to wish everyone a happy new year? It probably is … however, today’s quick update is supposed to be a summary of my first 8 weeks of cycling in 2023.

The picture above shows my offseason offroad machine: The Breezer Radar X, basically a non suspension 29 inches wheeled mountainbike with drop bars, on which I spent all of my outside time in the super cold, dark and wet time of year.
The highlight so fdar has been the 100km tour I did early in february, mainly for the strava badge, but also because I felt good enough to do so.
Put together with my daily bicycle commute to work, I did about 40 rides this year and crossed the 1000km mark a week ago. I think I’ve never pedaled so far this early in any year before, however, if I want to reach my season goal of 10000km I’ll have to “eine Shüppe drauf legen”.
This is what you tell everyone, who is obviously not doing enough right now around here.

So far so good, right? Stay tuned for the next update and in the meantime … check out my YouTube Channel and Instagram


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