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I’m Dennis, a 33-year old cyclist from Dortmund, Nordrhein Westfalen. Right here, you’ll find everything about my cycling adventures.

I use to cycle as long as I can remember, starting with mountainbiking in an urban area like Dortmund. In 2017, I bought my first roadbike and got more and more into roadbike riding ever since.

Blogging about my cycling as DennisTheCyclist also started in 2017! I always loved to take pictures on my DSLR and wanted to share my work with the whole world and get connected to cyclists all across the globe. The blogging platform right here on wordpress was perfect for it!

In early 2020 I thought it was about time to create some new content for the YouTube Channel, that I started back in 2017. I had some fresh ideas for videos about riding roadbikes in a city like Dortmund and some plans on rebuilding an old commuter bike into a singlespeed roadbike. And that’s exactly what I did. I continued the work on new videos since last spring and try to upload new videos whenever I find enough time for it.

And here we are, six years into it and I’m still redeveloping everything I’m doing on this blog. There are a lot of cycling related pictures on this blog already and I’m constantly working on getting more content on here.

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel right here and follow my journey on Instagram too:

Thanks for visiting my website!

-Dennis The Cyclist , Spring 2023

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