Lost Cycling

This is my collection of pictures documenting bicycles, that have been left behind and / or wrecked, as far as I can tell! Bicycles like this can be found in any country, any town, any district and any street. They are everywhere!

#1This is the first picture I ever took of a bicycle that was left behind and/or wrecked!
In fact it stood there, locked up at the bike stand, for such a long time, that the property owner actually marked it with a tape to signal everyone, that this bicycle is about to be scrap metal soon …

Oregon Thunderbird

This bicycle hasn’t suffered by weather and time in the first place. I think someone tried to destroy it while passing by. The handle bars are twisted and the rear mudguard broke, clear signs of destruction in my opinion…

Europa Super Sport 500 and unknown bicycle

I like the vintage look of these two bicycles. The rusted handle bars of the Europa Super Sport (the green bicycle) matches perfectly with the white wall tires. These bikes must have been there for a long time, considering the plants growing through the rims and frames…

Merida Matts

This must have been a nice mountainbike for sure. It’s a Merida Matts as far as I can tell.
Someone took out the front wheel, the saddle and the seat post and left the rest of it right there at the street lantern…

Scott Voltage Dirt and a city bicycle

Two left behind bicycles in the same bike stand. The one on the left is a Scott Voltage as far as I can tell. Saddle, seat post and front wheel are missing. Must have been there for a long time considering the tape to signal everyone, that this bike is about to be scrap metal soon…

Unknown bicycles on video surveilled parking lot

This picture shows THREE left behind bicycles in ONE place … a video surveilled parking lot! I haven’t seen something like this before!

Unknown bicycle locked up at traffic sign

I used to pass this bicycle at least twice a week for four or five weeks maybe. As usual, the only parts missing were the front wheel, the saddle and the seat post. When I shot this picture, the rear wheel was added to this list already.
Next time, the frame was the only part of the whole bicycle, still locked up to the traffic sign.
A week later everything of the bike was gone…

Just to make things clear: The bicycles shown on this page aren’t necessarily abandoned! They do still belong to a person / owner. Terms like “left behind” or “wrecked” only describe my thoughts about them.