In a world that is ruled by schedules, intervals, speed and efficiency, sunday is the only day of the week to do whatever, whenever and however. Some people like to relax all day and only switch between bed and couch, some people are finally able to do their favorite outdoor activity.
Whatever it is … Sunday is the day, that everyone can rely on!

Since this website is all about cycling, I’d like to write about the reasons, that make sunday the perfect day for cycling:

Sunday is the most quiet day of the week …

… perfect time to aim for a relaxed ride around town, take a timeout on places that are crowded and noisy all week long and start seeing the city from an unknown side. Noone is going to make a huge fitness progress from a ride like this, but if you take this day as your recovery day, you can discover your city from a totally new side and prepare your body for next week’s interval training hell.

Early Birds will get the trophy!

On sunday mornings, cities are absolutely deserted. The traffic is super low, roads are empty and if the wind is on your side, this is the perfect moment to smash the strava segments, that you’ve aimed for a dozen times at least. Most of the time, you won’t have to break for pedestrians or dogs and there are just a handful of cars, that’ll try to do an insane cutting move or whatever.
So, what you’re waiting for? Let’s go and get that trophy!

Endless Time on an unscheduled day!

Thinking about sundays always feels like standing on a rooftop, looking at an wide open area of free space. There are cities, but the roads are empty, there are forests and offroad areas, that I don’t know yet and far in the distance, there are huge mountains covered in fog, so there’s no possibility to see the summit from where I’m standing.
There are dozens of possible rides on a sunday and sometimes it’s hard to decide on where I want to go, however, sunday is the only day of the week to scout some new roads, paths and trails, so make sure to take this chance every single week of the year!

Personally I think, sunday’s the perfect day to do a huge ride around Dortmund and districts, that are just too busy during the week. It’s so cool to do a ride across the harbor or even the city centre, because there’s just a super low amount of cars and not a single truck around.

However, what about you? Why do you think sunday is the best day of the week to do a ride on your bicycle?
If you’d like to write about that, feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below this blogpost!


Eventually winter has left this area after a tough and ugly period of time. The sun is shining for more than 30 minutes per day and the trees and plants take back control of the urban landscapes in Dortmund. The last couple of weeks were pretty rough for any cyclist. It was super cold and there was extraordinary lot of rain, which becomes a total evil combination, if you add the dozens of windy almost stormy days to that. People called it “normal April weather” and although “der April macht was er will” is an old farmer’s wisdom for a reason, it still felt a bit weird to wear winter’s clothing in the fourth month of year.
These days should be over by now, although you can never be a hundred percent sure about that…

Nevertheless, the sunny sunshine weather conditions around the eastern holidays were the perfect opportunity for me to do a nice recovery ride across town and stop for a picture whenever I spot a tree in total bloom.
It was no surprise, that the best shots and sightings came out at the Technical University of Dortmund. The TU Dortmund is one of my favorite spots in Dortmund for taking urban landscape pictures, because there is a great combination of architecture and nature.
Plus, the trees at the university have a bigger and larger bloom or crown (is that how you call it?) than most trees along the roads across town.
However, if you look close enough, there are great spots everywhere in Dortmund and I think, I’m going to do another ride to the local parks to find additional spots soon.

‘Til then, make sure to visit the Seasonal Content Page on this website, if you’d like to see the whole archive of urban landscapes in spring!