Eventually winter has left this area after a tough and ugly period of time. The sun is shining for more than 30 minutes per day and the trees and plants take back control of the urban landscapes in Dortmund. The last couple of weeks were pretty rough for any cyclist. It was super cold and there was extraordinary lot of rain, which becomes a total evil combination, if you add the dozens of windy almost stormy days to that. People called it “normal April weather” and although “der April macht was er will” is an old farmer’s wisdom for a reason, it still felt a bit weird to wear winter’s clothing in the fourth month of year.
These days should be over by now, although you can never be a hundred percent sure about that…

Nevertheless, the sunny sunshine weather conditions around the eastern holidays were the perfect opportunity for me to do a nice recovery ride across town and stop for a picture whenever I spot a tree in total bloom.
It was no surprise, that the best shots and sightings came out at the Technical University of Dortmund. The TU Dortmund is one of my favorite spots in Dortmund for taking urban landscape pictures, because there is a great combination of architecture and nature.
Plus, the trees at the university have a bigger and larger bloom or crown (is that how you call it?) than most trees along the roads across town.
However, if you look close enough, there are great spots everywhere in Dortmund and I think, I’m going to do another ride to the local parks to find additional spots soon.

‘Til then, make sure to visit the Seasonal Content Page on this website, if you’d like to see the whole archive of urban landscapes in spring!


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May has already started and I just realized, that I haven’t wrote a single word about the start of the official outdoor cycling season yet.

So, here we go … What are the most remarkable things about Spring 2021?

Let’s start with the #1 small talk topic of the galaxy:

The Weather – March and April had just a handful of overall nice days in stock and I tried to take advantage of every single second of them. Time flies and the nice times are like a lightning bolt – before you recognize them, they’re gone. That’s why it was important for me to be outside cycling as long as the weather was great.
However, the standard average March and April day went something like this:

Sunshine and no wind when I woke up.
Grey clouds and a light breeze after breakfast.
Rain, hailstorm and a decent headwind, while I had lunch.
Sunshine and no wind before coffeebreak in the afternoon, that made me dressup and get ready for cycling.
Rain, hailstorm and a decent sidewind as soon as I hit the streets on the roadbike.
Sunshine and just a few clouds, that designed a pretty nice sunset, but it’s just a trap, because the sun’s just laughing about the joke that the average spring day in March and April was!

– Dennis The Cyclist, Spring 2021

Let’s move on to the next remarkable thing:

Construction Sites – Phoenix West – the #1 roadbike spot in Dortmund – is officially dead!
The city decided to make this place a shiny flagship project by planning a modern tech centre right there. Currently, there are three or four huge construction sites, which would not be a problem, if they wouldn’t cause the roads to be closed, torn apart and covered with dirt and gravel. Now it’s a problem and it’s absolutely no fun to ride roadbikes there and it probably might never be fun again.
The only cool thing they ever build at Phoenix West is the brewery, which is only opened for take away right now.
So, whenever I do my casual one lap at Phoenix West to make sure noone’s forgetting that this is still a roadbike spot – I also consider on whether or not I should get some beers, so I could have some delicious ice cold after ride beverages … alone in my room, because that’s what you do in spring 2021, you know?

Finally, the most remarkable and greatest thing about spring 2021:

Cherry Blossoms – Not everything was all grey and cloudy in March and April!
Luckily, it’s the cherry blossom time of year, so it was almost too easy to get some great shots of all the colorful trees outside. Taking all these pictures, which I think turned out really cool, made up a lot for all the downsides of 2021 so far!

If you’d like to see more pictures like the header, here’s the link to the seasonal content on this website:


P.S.: There’s a brand new video on my YouTube channel! If you got four and a half spare minutes left, you might just give it a try? It’s right here:

Hey everyone,

here’s just a quick reminder, that dennisthecyclist.blog is still alive. Over the last couple of weeks / months, I spent a lot of work developing a new layout regarding the content as well as the design.

The plan looks something like this: I’m going to focus on displaying my photography a bit more than I used before, because personally, this is the most fun part and something that I really like to share.

However, of course there will still be blogposts, just like this one, to make sure everyone of you will not miss out on new content and the latest news…don’t forget about your roots, right?

I’ll be posting about the new categories on this website in the following blogposts. In the meantime, I’m really curious to find out what you think about it. What’s your first impression of the site? What do you think should still be added? These are the things I’d like to know more about, because I can’t answer them myself. So, every feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Oh yeah, before I forget, I wanted to credit Laura from Squaremeat a lot. Your reaction to my first comment on one of your articles after months of absence inspired this title. Thanks for that, Laura…