How I workout on Zwift in 2022

In the beginning of December I began to ride bicycles indoors once more. The temperatures dropped below 5°C for a handful of days and that was the official end to my outdoor cycling season. It always takes some time for me to get used to riding indoors, however a few weeks later I’m absolutely and a 100% focused on riding on Zwift in my second season.

The workout always runs like the same pattern. I always start with stretching for a few minutes as a short warmup, legs and back mainly. When I’m done with stretching cycling starts.

This year I’m basically using the same setup as last year. The Fuji roadbike spends the winter inside, installed on a Wahoo Kickr Snap. As I explained in the last post, there’s just one thing I changed about the setup. The smartphone, which is the Zwift device of my choice, is now mounted to the bicycle rack in front of the roadbike. This improves looking at the screen while riding a lot and it makes riding on Zwift way more fun than last year, when I had the smartphone mounted on the bars.

I guess my average riding session on Zwift lasts about an hour, depending on how much time I got left pre or post work, but it definitely lasts longer than 30min or all the preparation just wasn’t worth it. Besides, warming uo on a bike always takes about 15 to 20 min until I feel like being ready for a bit more intense ride.

Do you like climbing on Zwift? I definitely don’t like climbing more than 7%-roads. Everything above is just pure agony in my opinion. The rear tire slips with every pedal stroke and pedaling just feels so mechanic. I’ll never forget the one ride I did up to Alpes d’Zwift …

Since I don’t like climbing too much, I prefer Zwift routes that are rather flat. I think, my average route is about 20km’s long, with not more than a hundred meter altitude. Add up to three or four sprints, but no KoM, and I’m happy. I also like to choose a short lap with up to 10km and then do a few laps on it. This improves my knowledge of the track and I’m able to raise my time in the sprints, simply because I know where the sprint starts and finishes!
On the other hand, time goes by a lot faster, when I’m riding a longer route and just one lap.
I guess the choice depends on how hard I like to push myself on every specific day.

When a Zwift session ends, preparation for the next ride begins. And this means cleaning the bicycle after every single session. This makes a huge difference on the status of your bicycle in spring and of course, a clean bike is a fast bike!

That’s pretty much it about how I workout and ride bicycles on Zwift in 2022. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments!


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