Dennis The Cyclist on YouTube

Maybe you heard it (and watched it already!), maybe it’s breaking news for you: I started my own YouTube channel.

YouTube is a great platform to share my “everday” bicycle life with everyone around the world and thus, reach even more people than I do already through my blog. I’ve always been interested in making videos about cycling, but I only did short clips for social media and stuff like this.

Most of the videos so far are short three or four minute videos, about my favorite roadbike spots in Dortmund. I’m spending a lot of time everyday working on new ideas for upcoming videos and at the same time, I’m learning a lot of new things with every published video, for example I would’ve never thought I’d catch myself talking in front of a camera.

Right now though, my channel is as small as it could possibly be and I’m struggling to reach barely anyone at all. I know there’s small progress already, I can see it in the data – which is ablsoutely awesome in YouTube Studios by the way – but just like starting up this blog three years ago, starting something new always take time. Trust me when I say, that this was a tough lesson … again …

But I don’t let small numbers discourage me from sharing my bicycle life. After all, this is a free time activity, it’s my hobby, it’s part of my recreation, if you want to call it like this. I don’t necessarily need to be successful in order to have fun. But of course, I do like to get a bit of approval from time to time, you know…

So, what I’m trying to say is: If you’re into watching videos about cycling and you’ve got a spare minute or two or three left to spend, I would appreciate it a lot, if you would check out my YouTube channel:

Hope you enjoy watching this video!



  1. Hi Dennis. Just subscribed to your YouTube channel. Looking forward to following your adventures . That access path to the bridge well, we should be looking at something similar at either end of the Tasman Bridge in Hobart!

    1. Thanks a lot, Tony! I just took a quick look at the Tasman Bridge on google maps. The bridge itself looks gigantic, but you can’t say that about the bike path, right? How wide is it? Looks like you can’t pass anyone at all…

  2. Wow, the Mallinckrodt Screw looks absolutely awesome! I’m not a huge friend with my bike, but I’d love to try and run loops there for as long as I could. Looks like such a cool place!

    1. Hey, Pina! Thanks for checking it out!
      I like this area a lot, too. It’s located right at the harbor, so there’s always something going on. The industrial setting is perfect for shooting some nice photos.
      The corkscrew bridge is possibly the funniest building in town. Like many bridges, it’s a bit shaky, you can feel the vibrations from the highway right next to it. Depending on how fast you’re going, it’s also likely, that you might get a bit dizzy from spinning in circles.
      Plus, once you’re on top, the view of the harbor district is like the icing on the cake…

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